We tailor our services to your needs and work with you.
We understand the each situation and each property is unique.
All of the services we provide are available to you and your properties.

Patrol Services for all properties:

If requested our drivers will randomly drive by your property to inspect and note any problem areas.
Is there a light burned out leaving a dark or unsafe area?
Are there gatherings happening that you are not aware of?
Is someone tampering with or trespassing on the property at night or when no one is around?

Whatever the problem is will let you know so that it can be corrected.

Vacant Properties:

  • No Trespass/Parking Signs
  • Occasional Drive-by and Visual inspection of property
  • Unauthorized vehicles or Vehicles offered for sale on the property
  • Anything unusual is reported to you, or to the authorities if more prompt attention is needed
  • On-Call for any towing need

Commercial High-Traffic Parking Lots:

  • Abandoned Vehicles removed on request
  • Fire-Lane; Handicapped Parking Patrol (Optional)
  • On-Call for any towing need

Other Parking Lots and properties:

  • Abandoned Vehicles on request
  • Reserved Parking Space Management
  • Unauthorized Vehicle Removal
  • Fire-Lane; Handicapped Parking Patrols
  • On-Call for any towing need

All of the below services are available on request:

Abandoned Vehicle Removal – It’s just taking up valuable space
Expired Registration / No Valid Registration – 
Flat Tires / No Tires – This is a safety issue
Inoperable or in pieces – Vehicle repairs not permitted on property? Can also be
No Permit to Park
Overnight Parking – Is your parking lot becoming a campground at night?
Parked on Dirt (Property Owners can get fines for this in many State or Local Ordinances)
Reserved Parking without authorization
Unattended Parking – Driver has left the property or is not a Resident or Customer
Unsafe Vehicles – Vehicles that may be a hazard to other persons life or health
Unpaid Parking – Parked without paying the meter or attendant


Some of the problems we have helped our clients with during our Patrols:

  • Keeping the property clean and free of broken down vehicles, leaky fluids causing stains or hazards.
  • Stopping vandals from breaking into or stripping a building for copper and metal
  • Stopping Graffiti Artists
  • Identifying lights that are malfunctioning or burned out
  • Neighbors stealing utilities (Water/Power/Cable)