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These are known and marked clearance heights for the most common parking garages in Las Vegas, NV.   If you are driving a tall vehicle (Over 6 feet) for example a Truck, SUV, or RV, this will show you what the maximum garage heights as posted by the Parking Garage Operator.  Actual heights are subject to changes and are not always accurate. Please look before you enter!

Changes can occur periodically if signs or other restrictions are installed, such as fire sprinklers and automated parking signals.  Actual clearance heights can also be changed temporarily during construction events.  Other work taking place inside the parking structures may also cause a variance.  Always use caution when entering and driving in a parking garage.

‘Know before you roll’

This will be updated as more information becomes available.  If you would like to contribute, please send a message to [email protected]  Always check the height of a garage as posted at the entrance before entering.  Some parking garages may change the clearance without warning.   This list is provided only as a reference using data available at the time of posting.  No warranties or guarantees are made or expressed as to the accuracy of the data.  If you find that the data is incorrect please let us know so that we may update the information.