Our vendors have agreed to provide their services to you at no cost.

So how do they make money?

Having their signs posted on your property is an opportunity for your visitors, customers, tenants and employees to have someone to call if they need help with their vehicle.  There is nothing  worse than being stranded in a parking lot and not knowing who to call.

Our vendors profit from these occasions by providing Jump Starts, Flat Tire Changes, Lock Out and Breakdown Towing services. In most cases these costs can also be reimbursed by the drivers insurance company.

They also will help to remove unauthorized, abandoned and hazardous vehicles from your property.  In this situation the vehicle owner pays the fees for the service, NOT the property owner or management.  In most states the Fees for involuntary vehicle removal are set with the state and city regulators therefore these fees are not negotiable with the driver or towing company.