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Our private impound clients include multifamily apartment complexes, private and commercial parking lots, parking garages, land owners and managers.

Impound a car or truck – a free service to Property Owners, Landlords, Managers, Commercial, Retail, Real Estate Pros, Businesses’ and Tenants.  Including abandoned vehicles, reserved parking areas, Handicapped and red Fire lane patrolling if needed.

No cost, no contracts, sign up for free and cancel at anytime.  We offer a flexible solution that meets your needs and we can have you up and running in hours, not days!

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Get It Off My Property

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Ever found that your vacant corner lot looks more like a Used Car Lot?  

We can help!

Did someone abandon a car in the driveway of your rental property?  

We can help!

Are your customers having trouble finding parking in a lot that should not be full?  

We have you covered.

Residents complaining there is not enough parking?  

We can provide an assessment for you to find the cause and provide possible solutions to reduce the problems and promote a positive living space.

So you need only one vehicle removed this time? A vehicle is parked illegally? Abandoned a car on your property? 

Let us know, it’s still no cost to you.

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Questions & Answers

Q: I have seen an orange sticker on a car parked on the street, what does that mean? – Izzy

A: Izzy, It means the vehicle parked was in violation of city or state law and is subject to tow. First of all, if the sticker is from a private property it must stay off of the property until the violation is corrected. Furthermore if the sticker was placed by a government agency, then the car can be ticketed and towed from city streets.

Q: A renter moved out of my rental home and left a car behind in the garage making it difficult to find a new tenant, what do I do? – Josh

A: Josh,  Give us a call and we will have it off of your property today so your new tenants can move in.

Q: Do you work with commercial properties to check for fire lane and handicapped illegal parking? – Sam R.

A: Sam, Yes, we work with many commercial properties of all kinds from Shopping centers, office complexes and even fast food and restaurants.

Q: Can vehicles park on dirt? – Alisha

A: Alisha, No, not in Clark County including the City of Las Vegas.  It is a violation of Clark County Code to park a motor vehicle on an unpaved surface.  The vehicle owner will be cited or towed, the property owner may also be fined.  See Below:

30.60.020 (c)  Any area subject to vehicular traffic shall be paved.
(d) All parking areas must be paved and striped 
(e) Parking within unimproved or landscaped areas is prohibited